How to make efficient tests with Alyze


If you’ve arrived here is because you need to test your ad before promoting it on social media or broadcasting it. As we’ve said in a previous article, Alyze is the first DIY tool that facilitates this process and makes it ridiculously easy. Alyze is much more than a polling platform where users say if they like or dislike your advertisement. Our engine is able to measure the emotions of your audience thanks to facial recognition, artificial intelligence, and neuroscience. This is key to knowing if your brand new ad is going to generate sales or not. Alyze has been designed with simplicity in mind. Creating the perfect test that will collect all the necessary information to improve your campaign is really easy. Here is some advice to take advantage of our platform.

Short duration

Your test should be short. Less than 5 minutes and never more than 7. Most audiences will lose interest after 5 minutes. Moreover, 20% of the lookalike audience will not participate in tests longer than 5 minutes.

Provide your audience with clear information

Tell the viewer about your goal with the test and the duration of it. People are more likely to participate in a study when they know what are you looking for and the time they’ll invest in your test. Properly managing their expectations is key to raising the ratio of answers.

Simple, clear and objective questions

Please, avoid the following questions:
  • Biased questions: don’t push people to answer what you think is right. This is an example of what you should never do: “Considering our brand has been recognized on multiple occasions, what’s your degree of interest in it?”
  • Complex questions: don’t push the participant to answer 2 or more questions at the same time. For example: “What’s your degree of satisfaction with leadership and workgroup on your team?”. 
  • Ambiguous or imprecise questions: never ask anything like this: “Do you think your friend will like our product?”.

A very small (insufficient) audience

Please, include enough people in your lookalike audience so the results could be extrapolated to your target audience. We’ll give you more information on this subject later.

A careful review of the test

Review your test with the preview option before publishing it. Make sure all the content is properly uploaded, all the descriptions are clear and correct any grammatical errors. To summarize: remove any obstacle that could lead to a failed test. Following these steps will help you make an effective and efficient test that will provide you with reliable results to make the right decision about your ad.
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