Can Our Customers Deceive a Facial Recognition Software?

A genuine smile needs two elements: The zygomaticus major muscle must contract, which allows the corner of the lip to rise to form a smile. The orbicularis oculi muscle should be activated, which surrounds the eye and raises the cheek while lowering the eyebrows. If we don’t detect both […]

How to Use Blinks to Assess the Quality of Your Content

Companies are currently competing for one of the most limited and precious resource: our attention. We’re highly selective and we tend to rapidly disengage from things we don’t enjoy looking at. We use eye tracking to see how customers shift their attention to our products and services […]

How to Measure Attention in Educational Settings

The learning process has had a stage that was considered a blackbox. Teachers and researchers could assess people’s emotions and attention levels before and after a course, but not while it happened. Beyond mere observation, we didn’t have metrics that could assess how students reacted […]

Estrella Damm, 13 Years in Love With Our Dream Summer

Friendship, beaches and coves, sunsets, love, youth, maturity, party, joy, also sadness, dances, food, music, and, of course, beer. That’s summer, or at least, the summer Estrella Damm shows us every year through the legendary advertisement series of the #Mediterráneamente collection.   […]

How to make efficient tests with Alyze

If you’ve arrived here is because you need to test your ad before promoting it on social media or broadcasting it. As we’ve said in a previous article, Alyze is the first DIY tool that facilitates this process and makes it ridiculously easy. Alyze is much more than a polling platform where […]

How Alyze Works

Is there a way to measure the emotional reaction triggered by an advertisement? What does a spectator feel when watching your ad? Which song will have a better performance? Will I succeed with my ad campaign? Are the images right to get the attention of my target […]

Empowering your employees raises profitability above 20%

Committing employees to the mission of the company they work for pays its dividends. A few research studies show that companies with highly engaged workers have a profit above 20% compared to those who lack these people. The prestigious consulting and advising firm Gallup has just released a […]
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